How much is a tattoo?

Each tattoo is individual and tailored to each client so it is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. However, when you book in we always try to price your piece and work to the budget agreed. We pride ourselves on providing a first class service that remains within reach of[…]

Do you do walk-ins?

We are essentially an appointment based studio but if an artist is free and you happen to drop in we will endeavour to accommodate you, however to get the best results and ultimate experience we would always recommend you making an appointment.

Does it hurt?

Pain is very subjective and each person experiences their tattoo in a different way.In general we can assure you, it is more of a discomfort than scream out loud pain and if you pay attention to your artists instructions and you are in a relaxed frame of mind it will pass more swiftly and in[…]

What should I do before my appointment?

Once you’ve booked in your appointment your artist will take care of your design work and preparation. Your job is to turn up clean, sober and well rested in plenty of time for your allotted slot. If you have an afternoon appointment, you can always ring ahead to check if your artist is running a[…]

How can I book in?

The best way is to drop in for a chat. We always have someone on hand to help guide you through the process however, its always worth ringing first and if we think you need it we’ll book a consultation with one of our artists. Remember that if you email we may take longer to[…]