The Studio

Located at 81 Gravel Street, the studio boast a unique layout and colourful design, and sets itself aside from the competition providing the perfect setting and facilities to cater for your tattooing needs.


We are dedicated to delivering a complete custom tattoo experience that is tailored to you, your ideas, inspiration and vision.

Tattoo 2000 is owned and run by Award winning Dave Banner, tattooing since 1979.  Dave has tattooed throughout the world along side the worlds best, the Leicester studio was opened in 1999, the studio hosts one other artist between them expertly covering all genre of tattooing, working on appointments and walk in customers.


The artists are members of some of the most prestigious tattoo organisations in the world. The studio is fully health registered with local authorities.

Health and Safety

Its important for us to give a relaxed environment as well as keeping cleanliness to hospital standards which we do by working closely with Leicester health and safety guidelines, we are honest professionals whose only goals are to try do the best we can.

We take Cleanliness seriously and pride ourselves on this as we offer a multitude of services its important to target cross contamination, not only are the practising rooms treated in this attitude but all the rooms between them are given the same respect. Inside rooms we have a dedicated system of how we do things which ensures cross contamination within a room does not happen and any spillages of bodily fluids are dealt with appropriately using medical grade solutions and protective wear, We provide a sharps box for every room which is then emptied by a clinical waste management company along with the hazardous

Price Guidelines

The most popular questions we tend to get asked is around the price of a tattoo, so I thought I’d put together a little guide to help out.

We charge £xx per hour,

We charge by the hour rate if you are booking in for a time scaled sitting, for example, if you are getting a sleeve and you are wanting to do 2hours at a time, we would charge £xxx for that sitting.

However, if you are getting a one of piece we quote for the piece, we do this because we cannot guarantee it will be done in a certain time scale and we do not want you expecting a certain price when at the end it may be different, not only this the quote takes into consideration the depth and design of the piece, some require minimal pre-work and some required hours. Please use £70 per hour as a guide line howeverno-one-under-18-printable-sign

We have a minimum charge of £xx, so if you are looking for a name tattoo or something small along these lines you are often looking at a figure around this.

Our consultations are free of charge, however artists will not start working on a design until a deposit has been put down.

I hope this helps clear up how our prices work here.

It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 you will be asked for proof.